Wednesday, August 10, 2016


De-stressing Saturday

Last weekend started with stress in our house at its highest. The Oldies decided during the past few years that they would have to sell our house and move into an apartment. They are both getting too aged and decrepit to cope with the stairs. Well, they found a great apartment and have been waiting for over a year for it to be completed. It is almost ready to move into, so they put our house on the market a month ago. We suffered 3 weeks of strangers inspecting the place and some of them were keen enough to come and bid at the auction on Saturday. By the time of the auction the Oldies were in a fine old state of stress. But guess what? The house sold for more than they expected. You can see that they were ecstatic when the photo was taken. Well, I had to calm them down a bit, so found a new road for them to explore. Just west of the city is a bridge across the Murrumbidgee River, at a spot called Uriarra Crossing. Mum and I hadn't stopped there before. While the Oldies relaxed, I spent time sitting on a stump watching traffic, and on the bank watching fish try to swim upstream against the fast-flowing current. Now we wait patiently (I can just see that happening) for the banks and the legal guys to finalize the details so that we can move into the apartment and the buyers can move in here.

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