Thursday, December 15, 2016


OOPS!! Here's Some

Silly me. All my photos of the Japanese Memorial Gardens at Cowra were taken years before Unka Paddy talked me into starting this blog. So for those readers who have been trying to find images of the gardens, here are a few. The gardens are more like a formal park with clumps of plantings that look random but actually form part of very clever landscaping. It is a great place for small bears to clamber among the rocks and trees and to come back over the year to see the trees change colour (most Australian trees don't). The garden is close to the site of the old POW camp and to the Japanese War Cemetry where all of the Japanese war dead, from anywhere in Australia, have been formally buried. There is a much better collection of images, and an explanation of the ties between Cowra and Japan that developed from the POW years, on the garden's official website

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