Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Beary Christmas 2016

Due to some technical glitches, mostly caused by Dad, I wasn't able to wish you all a great Christmas and New Year before now, so please accept my best wishes for you and yours for the coming year. I was a bit worried that Santa mightn't be able to find me now that we have moved into the new place, so I set out some markers and lures. First step was to make the balcony obvious to those hypersonic STOL reindeer that haul Santa around. Some battery-powered ornaments and a string of flashing Christmas lights marked out the runway. Then some munchies to get Santa in a good mood. The Oldies say Santa likes beer, chocolate and fruit mince pies. Funnily enough, so do the Oldies. Anyhow, it all worked because next morning the munchies were gone and there were two notes for me from the old whiskery guy. One said that teenage bears should be able to choose their own presents, the other note was a $100 one. Presents are being contemplated, but I am overwhelmed by the available choices. Of course there is always a clown in any Christmas gathering. Dad found a reindeer happily singing to itself and managed to get bitten by it. Funny, I couldn't find the rest of the reindeer on the other side of the wall; these deer of Santa's are really extraordinary critters.

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