Wednesday, February 07, 2018


Hobbies and a New Friend

Things have been a bit slow here for a while. The Oldies are showing signs of their advancing age and are keeping the Canberra doctors busy. Both of them have had to get cattyracks (Bart means cataracts - Dad) removed from all their eyes. Mum is still recovering from her cattystroppik (he means catastrophic - Dad) fall 6 months ago. That means that we have had no trips away for me to report on since the Tasmania cruise. Of course there are still lots of photos from past trips that might interest you. Actually, I have been doing lots of hobby stuff. Mum makes stacks of cards and I have been helping her by doing some of the painting after she has stamped, cut  and glued the designs. The strange colour that I am in the photo is not due to me spilling paint on my fur or because I am scared, it is what happens when the Oldies use flash to take the photo. Dad has had a break from his usual plastic ship models and has made a few card lighthouses. Here's a model of the ancient Pharos of Alexandria that kept us busy building it for a while. There are lots of cards, painting, ships and lighthouses underway, but I would much rather be travelling. One addition to my circle of friends is this strange, noisy little character who flew in last week. He says his name is Buzz and claims to be a movie star. What I know for sure is that you can't leave a drink unguarded whenever he is nearby, he is even quicker than me.


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