Tuesday, April 03, 2012


My Easter Egg Stash

Next weekend is Easter, the time that the Easter Bunny brings lots of chocolate eggs to children and small bears. I was a bit worried because this year we will be away in Brisbane for an astronomy conference, leaving tomorrow, and the bunny might not know where I am. So I thought about this for a while and realized that the bunny couldn't cover the whole world in one night, so probably had help from Oldies. That meant that there was a fair chance that the goodies had already been delivered and were hidden around the house somewhere. So I started looking and there were lots of choccie things in the back of cupboards. I collected them all in my Bart-sized shopping trolley, and you can see that I have a stash that will keep me in chocolate for ages, maybe even a couple of days.
Happy Easter to you all, wherever you are and whatever the holiday means to you.

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