Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Toyshop Titans

Last weekend we went out to a new shopping centre near the airport. Lots of new shops had just opened and there were lots of things being sold at special prices. One shop called "Toys'r'Us" had been on the site for a few years, but the new shops joined up to it. Now I really love looking around toyshops. It's where I get my ideas about what to ask Santa for. Well, outside this shop there were two very large, very strange critters. Mum knew what they were straight away because she had some toys like them when she was a lot younger. They are Potatoheads, and they liked me. They showed me around the store, and I think Mr Potatohead tried to sell me at least once, but I am not leaving my Oldies to go and live with strangers. Evidently you can pull the eyes, ears, mouths and things off potatoheads and put different ones on them. I tried to do that but all I achieved was to make them say rude words and hand me back to Mum.

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